Vendor Sourcing

Guerdon builds each modular construction project to the exact material specifications and finish schedules which have been approved or provided by the Owner or Architect. If material specifications require components not available from our extensive network of suppliers, we source new vendors to assure an adequate supply and competitive pricing for those items. Our high production rates and in-plant climate-controlled storage capabilities allow us to buy materials in bulk and pass the total cost savings on to our customers. In some cases, we are able to buy “mill direct” shipments or buy directly from the manufacturer to achieve greater savings.

As the leading modular building producer of large modular projects, multi-family housing, and remote camps in the Northwestern United States, we have an extensive and trusted group of building material suppliers and distributors throughout the western US and Canada. With Guerdon’s commitment to green building standards, we work with local and regional suppliers to source materials and form partnerships based on specific project construction needs.