We understand the learning curve associated with adopting modular technologies and have helped countless Developers, GCs, Sub Contractors, and Lenders through the process. As pioneers to this technology, we have learned that a successful project requires:

  1. The Right Team
  2. The Right Package of Services
  3. The Right Project

To ensure every aspect of the process runs smoothly for the client, Guerdon has assembled a world class team of tenured staff and experienced workers who are 100% focused on large scale commercial residential construction. Our team provides a comprehensive package of services which ensures that we deliver maximum value to each of our clients.

From start to finish, your project is handled by a team of professionals, with unrivaled experience:

  • More than a decade pioneering commercial modular techniques with a consistent vision for developing modular technology into the preferred method for residential commercial construction
  • Unmatched portfolio of successfully completed projects
  • Dedicated leadership team with a successful track record working closely with clients in support of their project goals
  • Over 300 seasoned staff and production workers with a culture of continuous improvement in our products, processes, and performance