Capacity for Large Projects

Guerdon’s production is focused on large scale, multistory projects. We produce 4 modules a day, (20 a week). We have fully customized our 20 acre site with 125,000 square feet of production area plus an additional 30,000 square foot facility for steel fabrication and overflow production capacity. Our large, state-of-the-art facility can meet the demands of multiple large project clients. We have an assembly line process with 24 line stations and leverage the latest production methods and equipment to create over 1,200 modules per year.

  • Large, modern manufacturing complex
  • 20-acre site
  • Strategically located to efficiently serve Western markets
  • Production capacity & volume to produce up to a million square feet of buildings annually
  • Completing multiple large projects each year, on time and on schedule.

With our end-to-end manufacturing services, we’ve constructed large-scale products ranging from multi-family modular townhomes and apartments, to modular office buildings, schools, military barracks, senior housing, man camps and more. These projects have been created for differing sectors, with differing codes and standards including residential, commercial and the United States Government.
Guerdon has the equipment, facilities and workforce to produce the modules for the largest projects. With competence, experience and expertise, we have constructed large projects across North America.