Guerdon Technology

A Better Way to Build Commercial Structures

Modular building construction is a resource-efficient, off-site delivery method to construct code-compliant buildings in a quality-controlled factory setting. Prefabricated, prefab, factory-built, modular: all these terms refer to the same process of manufacturing a building off-site and installing it on-site.The system-built modular building is built smarter, faster, and stronger than buildings built using traditional, on-site construction methods. Once assembled, a modular building cannot be distinguished from one built using on-site methods.

Each project is unique. Each modular unit is built systematically and monitored every step along the way, which ensures a high level of consistent quality. Guerdon modular buildings are designed and constructed using the latest, cutting edge factory technology. We build only Systems-Built IBC/IRC code products, the same codes as site-built projects. Guerdon’s factory, staff, production workers, processes, materials, and construction assemblies are all specifically geared to the high standards of commercial construction. We do not build single family homes or any lower quality HUD code manufactured products.




Our in-house staff of engineers and designers have experience creating engineering plan approvals and shop drawings using the latest CAD and REVIT modeling software. We are also able to provide A&D services to our clients as necessary at cost-effective rates.

There are many reasons why modular technology is better than on-site, stick built construction including its controlled construction environment and sustainability but the main reasons Developers use modular construction for their projects are for Speed and Budget Certainty. Be sure to view the list of benefits.

If you want to use new building technology, the Guerdon team has unrivaled Experience, Capacity, & Expertise to make sure we deliver your project on time and on budget. Learn more about WHY GUERDON is the Best Partner for Your Next Project.