Benefits of Modular

Guerdon’s modern, innovative modular construction technology combines “on-site” construction completion with efficient, precise “off-site” factory assembly line construction. While new to many, Guerdon’s modular technology has been a proven, secure and efficient way of construction for over a decade. When you consider the benefits, it just makes sense:

  • Speed to Market
  • Budget Certainty
  • Consistent Quality
  • Reduced Risk
  • Quiet Construction
  • Green by Design
  • Safety

While many aspects of the process are similar to on-site construction, modular technology provides substantially better control over your project, giving you a better ability to reign in many of the traditional construction issues that all, in one way or another, impact time and budget.

Getting to the market faster and doing so at a price point that makes sense are two of the most talked about frustrations surrounding every construction project, and two of the greatest benefits of using modular technology. Gain greater control over project quality, schedule, and the bottom line.

With modular construction, the majority of your building is completed in a climate-controlled setting. Weather delays don’t affect the portion of projects built indoors.

Our team of skilled tradesman and experienced professionals are employed with us year-round. We don’t have issues finding quality, skilled labor.

Each phase of each project is thoroughly inspected by state and local building inspectors. Guerdon buildings are 100% code-compliant buildings.

While the modular units for your project are under construction in our plant, the site work and foundation construction is being done concurrently. Traditional construction schedules are substantially compressed.

Not only are you getting a high-quality, secure building, you can rest assured that budget and schedule will be met as well. With Guerdon as your partner, you can expect to harvest the benefits of our modular factory technology.

If you want to experience these benefits first hand, the Guerdon team is the Best Partner for Your Next Project. Our unrivaled Experience, Capacity, & Expertise can’t be beat.