is the Best Partner for Your Next Project

Guerdon Modular Buildings is the leading manufacturer of large-scale, commercial modular construction projects in the Western US and Canada.

Our modern, innovative modular technology combines on-site construction with precise off-site factory assembly line production.

Traditional schedules are shortened substantially because modular units for your project are constructed in our plant while site work and foundation construction are completed concurrently.

We help you gain greater control over project quality, schedule, and the bottom line.

3 Reasons WHY GUERDON is the Best Partner for Your Next Project:


  • More than a decade pioneering commercial modular techniques
  • Unmatched portfolio
  • Dedicated leadership team
  • Over 300 seasoned staff and production workers


  • Large, modern manufacturing complex
  • Production capacity & volume to produce up to a million square feet of buildings annually


  • Guerdon’s factory, staff, and production workers are 100% focused on commercial residential and hos-pitality construction
    we support our clients at every stage of the project

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How Fast is Modular Technology?