Officially opening it’s doors on December 1st, 2016, Tharaldson Hospitality made history as the first Marriott Franchisee to build using modular technology.

The Folsom Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott is a 97 room, 52-module, three-story hotel. Half the first floor, including the employee rooms, pool, entry way, and other amenities, were built using traditional methods, while suites on the first floor and the entire second and third floors are made up of modules. The installation portion of construction took only four days, taking place the second to last week of April 2016.

Folsom’s 52 modules were fabricated in a short six week period in Guerdon’s Boise, Idaho factory while Tharaldson crews prepared the site by pouring the foundations and erecting stem walls.  Prior to shipping, FF&E were installed in the factory.  In the case of a hotel project, the FF&E would include beds, sofas, chairs, desks, end tables, pictures, television sets, blinds, lights, and more.  What was not physically installed was packed in the units and tied down for shipping.  Having the FF&E installed at the factory is not only convenient, it’s also a time and money saver.  With the units fully furnished when the module arrives on site, crews spend less time in the suite and there is less interference of hotel staff training.

It is estimated that Tharaldson began collecting revenues four to five months earlier than had they gone with site built construction.  Larry Madson, Tharaldson’s director of hotel construction, is pleased to be using modular technology to reduce his costs and help make his team more efficient and more responsive to their customer’s needs.

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