Modular Senior Housing

Custom senior housing buildings can be designed to have virtually any convenience or feature you have in mind. From elegant dining areas to comfortable community rooms, each aspect of our senior housing structures are planned with the specific needs of your future residents in mind, as well as your budget.

Town Center - Fort Lewis, WA
The Ft. Lewis Town Center Multifamily Residence Project consists of three story townhomes and apartment buildings, as well as four story mixed-use buildings. The 350,000 square foot project is designed to accommodate 220 living units.

As with each of Guerdon’s projects, the actual off-site construction of the modular building components is ‘self-performed,’ meaning we use a team of full-time, in-house tradesmen - not contractors. You can feel confident knowing your project is being completed by a skilled team of Guerdon professionals who take pride in the consistent craftsmanship applied to the work they do.

To ensure the highest quality at every step of the project, a thorough Quality Assurance process by the Guerdon staff and rigorous inspection by state building inspectors is conducted at each phase of the factory building process. 

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