Modular Apartment Buildings

Our team of professionals works closely with developers and architects to create custom multi-family modular building designs. We will work with you to create a custom design to fit virtually any building site or set of building code requirements.

Harbour Landing Apartments
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
Manufactur and installation of 6 rental apartments in extremely cold weather conditions.

Our fast construction pace in conjunction with an uncompromising commitment to quality gives you a competitive advantage with the ability to have renters in place sooner than traditional building methods. Our modular construction system also provides for a more “quiet construction” with redundant assemblies between levels and between living units.

We have the technology to build large, complex projects with a significant reduction in total construction time. This shorter timeline means the developer can easily reduce market risk by getting ahead of the competition and renting sooner.

Developers may also choose to phase the buildings with Guerdon, completing each multi-family modular building within months, which allows the developer to fill each building with occupants and create cash flow earlier. Developers may even decide to start later and finish earlier using Guerdon technology to minimize market risk.

If you’re not looking for a complete custom design and are seeking to save time and money, we have an in-house staff that can develop a modular apartment design to meet the parameters of your site and your market. We will partner with developers and architects to adjust designs and efficiently meet the specific requirements of your site, unit count and density.

Our apartment buildings can range from two to five stories high depending on your needs.

Guerdon’s construction methods just make sense. With our factory-built modular technology, you can also expect these additional benefits:

  • Shortened construction time
  • Reduced disturbance in high-traffic areas
  • Less traffic
  • Building materials that will not be exposed to adverse weather conditions
  • Dust abatement
  • Minimized noise pollution
  • Water runoff challenges that are dramatically reduced or eliminated
  • Smaller storage requirements for construction materials and equipment
  • Significantly reduced size of onsite work force
  • Less material waste
  • Reduction in trash disposal requirements