Modular Government Buildings

Town Center - Fort Lewis, WA
The Ft. Lewis Town Center Multifamily Residence Project consists of three story townhomes and apartment buildings, as well as four story mixed-use buildings. The 350,000 square foot project is designed to accommodate 220 living units.

Guerdon and our affiliate Palomar Modular Buildings are direct manufacturers of both permanent and re-locatable modular buildings. We have extensive experience with State and Federal Government Contracts and utilize an experienced team to navigate through the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) on your company’s behalf. With our highly trained team, we’re able to manage the complexities of government purchasing, contract procedures and facility codes, along with FAR documentation and reporting requirements.






We understand the Government’s rigorous standards, specifications and inspections and have built several million square feet of modular building space for Government agencies including:

The advantages of modular housing within the Government industry include:

  • Economic advantages over standard stick-built construction, particularly in areas with high Davis Bacon wage rates
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • Elimination of weather effects on building materials
  • Experienced team of on-staff, year-round professionals

Our Government team draws on the design, manufacturing, and construction capabilities of the entire Guerdon and Palomar organizations including:

  • Two high capacity manufacturing operations
  • Full design engineering services with deep experience in site plan layouts, modular building design, and maximizing space based on FAR requirements 
  • In-house site development services utilizing experienced modular construction management professionals, project logisticians, schedulers and estimators
  • Government contracting experts have a deep understanding of documentation needs and FAR requirement to make all necessary scheduling and reporting easy and to ensure that the procurement process is smooth and headache-free for our customers

Guerdon Enterprises often partners with 8(a) firms, ANCs and minority contractors, teaming together to respond to government projects.  If you are a designated 8(a), ANC, or a minority contractor and you are looking for a direct manufacturing building partner, please contact us.