With a shorter turnaround time than traditional construction, Guerdon's designs tailored for the hospitality industry allow for earlier occupation, which starts bringing in revenue sooner. Our team's years of experience in large-scale modular construction projects allow Guerdon to provide design, engineering, building, and on-site supervision expertise to cater to the exacting industry standards. Our extensive experience includes:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Lodges
  • Remote Workforce Housing

Guerdon's building technology allows us completion of up to 70% of the construction in our climate-controlled factory. Our complete set of services means you have just one point of contact and are taken care of for the entire life of the project, not just one piece.

Our modular buildings are produced indoors using a reliable workforce and proven production line systems-built technology. When working with Guerdon, you can expect:

  • Factory control and precision systems-built technology
  • Inspections at each phase of construction
  • Climate controlled environment for year-round production
  • Highly trained on-staff work force
  • Quality, trusted, brand name building products