Modular Commercial Offices

Guerdon's engineering innovations..

At Guerdon, we specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of modern, efficient and cost-effective permanent modular office buildings, as well as re-locatable modular office buildings.  Designs for commercial buildings are offered in a variety of custom styles up to four stories high.

We work closely with developers and architects to develop custom designs that fit the special needs of any office building project. Built into every design is our fundamental understanding of budget. Utilizing a climate-controlled factory environment, our team eliminates up to seventy-percent of on-site subcontracting costs by engineering and constructing the modular office buildings off-site. In this controlled environment, building efficiency allows for a finished product that meets or exceeds state or federal building code requirements while reducing site noise, construction waste, weather-related down time and safety concerns.

Our experienced production teams utilize sophisticated modular technology to design, engineer, manufacture and install custom-built office buildings that will meet your specifications on any project.