Student Housing

Constructing major breakthroughs in speed to market, quality construction, risk reduction, and profitability for Student Housing construction.

Our modern, innovative modular technology combines on-site construction with precise off-site factory assembly line production. Traditional schedules are shortened substantially because modular units for your project are constructed in our plant while site work and foundation construction are completed concurrently.

We help you gain greater control over project quality, schedule, and the bottom line.

A Better Way to Build Student Housing

Available and affordable student housing can have a dramatic effect on the rate of student retention. Guerdon provides a high-quality, fast-track solution for student housing.

Campuses continually provide unique construction challenges regarding traffic, space requirements, noise disturbances and safety. Using our modular technology, it’s possible to make many of those concerns a nonissue.

We build student housing projects in our factory using sustainable practices and install the building directly on the construction site. This process not only speeds up the timeline, but also reduces the amount of disturbance to the college campus.

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