Boise Idaho

A Strategic Location for Our Business

Boise provides access to a large workforce of highly productive and skilled labor at an affordable wage rate. Located in the center of a regional hub for building product manufacturers and distributors, our factory is well positioned for procurement and supply chain needs. Our Idaho location also allows for a large geographic reach, centrally located on major transportation routes to key markets throughout the Western US and Canada. CONTACT your Regional Business Development Manager.



At Guerdon, we specialize in large-scale, multi-story modular construction projects in the western US & Canada. We have specialized modular experience building Multifamily, Hospitality, Assisted Living, Student Housing, & Remote Workforce Housing projects. While most modular factories build Single Family Homes, our factory, technology, and workforce are 100% focused on only these 5 market segments.

This large-scale product focus, high quality finished buildings, and the expertise that we provide our clients is unique to the Guerdon experience.



Assisted Living

Student Housing

Workforce Housing

Known as one of the only modular building manufacturing companies capable of building medium to large multi-story projects. We utilize modular construction methods combined with unparalleled design and engineering service to provide our clients with an unrivaled building experience.

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