Crane Installation Events: WHAT TO EXPECT

October 20, 2017

Crane Installation Events: WHAT TO EXPECT Craning modules into place is one of the most exciting and educational parts of the entire modular process. When schedules and site conditions permit, we invite those considering modular construction for their next project to come and witness firsthand. These crane installation events are a unique opportunity to learn and understand how it all comes together. The…

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KCBS Bay Area Radio Interview

June 16, 2017

Google’s Interest in Modular Housing Sparked KCBS Radio’s Stan & Susan to Ask: “Is Modular Construction the Answer to the Housing Problem?” Listen to the…

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More Developers are Embracing Modular in 2017

February 16, 2017

At the close of 2016, analysts identified modular construction as an industry trend to embrace in 2017. They point to growing concerns as the driving force behind the switch from traditional construction methods.

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Prototype Walkthrough

January 10, 2017

One huge advantage to Guerdon’s modular process is the opportunity to walk-through a finished unit weeks before full scale production begins.

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Marriott’s First Three Modular Hotels Produced by Guerdon

December 12, 2016

In the last 30 days, we’ve opened the 1st Marriott hotel to be built using modular technology, crane set the 2nd & are currently crane setting the 3rd. We also somehow managed to…

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Housing Hope Breaks Ground on Affordable Housing Project

November 2, 2016

The Housing Hope team broke ground on their new Twin Lakes Landing project in Marysville, WA on Oct. 28, 2016.

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